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Der Turm von Pisa

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Apart from its famous tilt that seems to defy the laws of gravity, the Leaning Tower of the Cathedral of Pisa is a very unusual building. The historical value of its design as well as its peculiar location within the vast and equally unique Piazza dei Miracoligive it a special place among Italy's many noteworthy sites.

The current building is the result of time-consuming construction work. It was restored several times through the centuries, mostly to reduce the risk of collapse as a consequence of its remarkable inclination.

The edifice is composed of a cylindrical stone body surrounded by open galleries with arcades and pillars resting on a bottom shaft, with the belfry on top. The central body is composed of a hollow cylinder with an outer facing of white and gray San Giuliano limestone, an interior facing (also made of textured "verrucana" stone), and a ring-shaped stone area in between. This stone area accommodates a winding staircase with 293 steps leading up to the sixth open gallery. There, the inner shaft is closed by a vault with a central hole to let light in. From here, you can access the belfry, as well as the lower mezzanine floors and the open galleries.

The problem of the inclination is one that has most fascinated and intrigued visitors, art lovers, and experts over the centuries. It is the feature that has made Tower of Pisa so famous all over the world. Adding to the appeal is the fact that the reasons for the inclination of the building are still fairly mysterious.

The monument is 58.36 meters high at the foundation and over 55 meters above ground. Its weight has been calculated at 14,453 tons. The center of gravity is 22.6 meters above the foundation plane. The outer diameter of the foundation measures 19.58 meters; the central hole is 4.5 meters wide. The area of the ring-shaped foundation covers therefore 285 square meters; the average pressure on the ground is 497 kPa. The current inclination is approximately 55°, i.e. approximately 10%. The eccentricity of the load on the foundation plane is 2.3 meters.

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Der Turm von Pisa
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Der Turm von Pisa
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Der Turm von Pisa

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Der Turm von Pisa